Which iPod do I have?
(a complete list from Apple)

iTunes Hot Tips from Apple

Connecting to TV out

iPods in Education
From Apple: Professional development for educators

'Coursecasting' now a higher-education staple: Universities increasingly are turning lectures into podcasts
By Laura Devaney, Associate Editor, eSchool News, Published Wed, Dec 19, 2007

100 Ways to Learn with Your iPod

external image globaliconpdf12x12.gif Getting Started with iPod and iTunes in the classroom.
A learning resource written by Apple Distinguished Educators

Professional Development as Podcast, from Kathy King and Mark Gura

Ideas for filling your iPod
(from the Infinite Thinking Machine)

"Learning in Hand" from Tony Vincent-- iPods in Education

iPods in Education from David Baugh to See:iPod Resources php

LATimes Article: The iPod Lecture Circuit
By Michelle Quinn, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 24, 2007,0,5117576.story

1.IPods in education

2.Exploring IPod Use in Secondary Education

3.Research Brief using IPods for instruction

4.Education World Technology in the Classsroom: Sites to See:

Ten Unexpected Uses for the iPod:
(Includes info on the free TrailRunner program:

Recording Mobile Podcasts with GCast
Submitting your Podcast to iTunes
both from Alan November "November Learning" website.

Downloading Voice memos from your iPods (advice from the Apple website)
Voice memos are transferred upon sync, unless the iPod is set to be enabled for disk use. Voice memos are deleted from the iPod when transferred during the sync process.
Here is a link to a support document on Apple's site that may help:

From Hall Davidson of Discovery Education: The MegaVCR: Media and More in Your Pocket
A guide for converting media for use on the video iPod.
"U-Streamed" from FETC:

Podcasting 101 from CNET