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Stuff to share:
I obtained a copy of the DVD "Podcasting and Blogging Essentials" that might prove useful in instructing PowerRangers and students in the history and application of podcasting and blogging. It runs 50 minutes and is broken down into useful segments.

While attending NCTE's annual convention in NYC, there were a number of presentations on having students produce podcasts. For example, one teacher uses podcasting to post book reports or reviews. My initial reaction to this application is that converting oral reports into podcasts saves class time when students deliver these reports in the form of a speech. As a speech teacher, I would not advocate students fully replacing a face to face speech experience exculsively with podcasts.

Other teachers use podcasts for review activities and (obviously) prerecorded tutorial sessions. College professors are using podcsts to record lectures for students who miss class.

One of the challenges of posting podcasts as a class assignment is seeking appropriate permissions to publish students work on an internet (rather than intranet) site.

Reflections of learning:

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What did you gain in terms of your personal professional development?
How will you apply this learning to your professional situation? This may include both "quick wins" and longer-term changes.