• Nov. 26

--Review posted Resources
--Add items to the Resource page
--Begin your "notebook" for learning
Compile a bibliography of files you have listened to.
For each file list: title or filename, author, website link, audio length, and a brief summary of your learning

  • Dec. 17
--Visit: http://edublogawards.com/2007/best-educational-use-of-audio-2007/
and vote for the one that you determine is the best. Be prepared to share rationale for your decision.
--Sharing resources
Add your favorites to the "Playlist Wiki".
--Recording with iPods
Upload a recorded file, and add a link on your page.
Editing with GarageBand. Converting from .wav is important... or you will hear chipmunks!!

  • Jan. 7

Final reflection due:
Write a concise (250-300 word) reflection:

1. What is the most valuable thing you learned in this course?
2. How will you implement this in your teaching or professional
3. In what area(s) do you feel you need more information or practice to feel comfortable
using an iPod in an educational environment?
4. How can you use new skills to benefit your classroom and/or school?